Claudia BeldentBorn in Paris, France, Claudia Beldent grew up in a highly artistic and business oriented environment surrounded by painters, award winning designers, as well as three generations of French Chefs.

She emigrated to Montreal, Canada, in the 60’s, had an education focused on Language and Arts, studied in Business Administration leading her to join the family furniture manufacture and interior design company.

Relocated in Miami and energized by its “shinning tropical colors”, Claudia took two years of extensive courses in ceramic techniques before embarking on an artistic career in the mid 90’s.

She began to paint on a “clay canvas” influenced by French Masters such as Picasso, Matisse, Leger.

Her ceramics, vibrant in colors, animated in themes and intricate in details, is the result of the challenge of mastering ceramic painting with the complex skill of firing ceramics.

The shape of a vase, the depth of a fired paint, the feeling and shine of a glaze, are the reasons that moved the artist towards the ceramic world to channel her love for Arts.

Her expertise and constant drive for new venture led her to develop the Ceramic Collection of artist such as Tico Torres, drummer of Bon Jovi, Miles Davis, John Lennon and The Vintage posters Ceramic Collection.

Looking to always expands her knowledge, Claudia’s today new passion is focus on non-traditional watercolor where dense and full color pigment creation is achieve on traditional paper. Acrylic and China ink is also use in her latest work featuring mainly women  . 

Concerned by many humane en environmental issues, Claudia Beldent supports numerous charitable organizations by donating her Art work and time to funds raising events.

Claudia Beldent’s  Art is collected throughout the United States and Europe both in private and public sectors.